What We Do for Love

2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards:

  • Winner — Chick Lit

  • Finalist — Fiction Book Cover Design

“What is the best thing we can do for our children? There is quite a bit to debate and discuss, which makes this a wonderful selection for a book club.”
—Amy Vox Libris, Top #1000 Amazon Reviewer

“If Lorelai Gilmore of Gilmore Girls was dropped into a thriller,
it might resemble this appealing novel.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Superbly written. Pfeffer has teamed a solid plot with great dialogue, effective narrative, and some nice romance for a well-rounded work of women’s fiction.”
—Self-Publishing Review


Just pru

2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards:

  • Winner — General Fiction

  • Finalist — Humor/Comedy

  • Finalist — Ebook Fiction

2015 National Indie Excellence Awards:

  • Winner — Chick Lit

  • Winner — Contemporary Fiction


girls love travis walker

2013 IndieReader Discovery Award Winner:


“GIRLS LOVE TRAVIS WALKER is an absorbing and enlightening story about a young adult struggling to lead a normal life as he teeters on edge of poverty and homelessness.”
—April 2014 Blog Tour, Candace’s Book Blog

“This novel deserves every award it got… an incredible redemption story that’s both lighthearted and sincere.”
Talk Supe

“Wow!!! What a great story! I highly recommend this book!”
Curling Up With a Good Book

“The title says it ALL! The girls really do love Travis Walker, but how can you not, after reading this book!”
Book Groupies

“I loved this story so much…. I can’t wait to see what other books the author has to offer us.”
The Lovely Books

“I cannot tell you how much I adored [Travis’s] character. I just can’t. ”
Book-Marks the Spot

“AMAZING! …. This book pulled at my heartstrings like you wouldn’t believe.”
Bookworm Betties

“I couldn’t stop turning the pages…. All the characters were great and I couldn’t  get enough of them.”
Comfort Books

“It was so fun to read . . . [I couldn’t] help but fall in love with Travis right from the start.”
Between the Pages

“This book was an emotional roller coaster ride filled with realism, hard truths, and beautiful moments of growth….The author really nailed this book and I can’t wait to read more from her.”
A Southern Girl Reads


The wedding cake girl

“I loved this tender, sweet and emotionally charged story that kept me reading half the night!”  
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The Wedding Cake Girl was cute, funny, down-to-Earth and surprised me a few times along the way.”  
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“A well-written emotional plot with a lot of twists and turns that will keep you hooked from the beginning. Highly recommended for all YA genre fans.” 
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any other night

Judge’s Comments, Writer’s Digest Self-Published Books Competition:

“Anne Pfeffer has written a wonderfully compelling novel . . . Middle/YA readers . . . will find it real and honest and possibly hear themselves in the words. This is certainly a book that I would add to my middle or high school library and would recommend to my students . . . I enjoyed it from beginning to end.”

Kirkus Indie Reviews:

“Beautifully realized characters in a gripping, page-turning plot . . . This lively, fresh young-adult romance is Say Anything for a new generation.”
Reviewed as Loving Emily

“Author Anne Pfeffer has done a lovely job of creating characters that feel naive and young in the beginning of the story and then shows their growth throughout the novel.”